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Scroll through for a comprehensive list of all of our services. Please note: We do not accept insurance or Medicare. To learn more, read our faq’s and follow our blog. If you want to know if our services are right for you, or have any questions, call us at 860-908-7078.


Acupuncture(initial visit) $150 (return visit) $100
Your initial visit will include a thorough medical intake and a full treatment session. Chinese Herbal Medicine and dietary suggestions will be prescribed as needed. Please allow 1 1/2 hours.

Return visit treatments include assessing progress since the last session and treatment and may include a prescription of Chinese Herbal Medicine and dietary suggestions. Please allow up to 1 hour.

Sports Medicine and Injury Rehab Therapy (90 minutes) $175
The initial treatment will involve a thorough intake and Chinese Medicine assessment and treatment of the condition along with treatment to address acute pain. The practitioner applies applicable techniques that may include acupuncture/electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, kinesiotaping, manual therapy and acupressure, magnet therapy, and infrared light therapy to balance the musculoskeletal system and facilitate healing and stronger more balanced function.

Acupuncture + Massage Combination Treatment – (60 minutes) $125 (90 minutes) $175
In this session, you will be given both an acupuncture treatment and a massage therapy treatment. This service is deeply relaxing and beneficial to address a variety of conditions.

Cupping Treatment(30 minutes) $60
This treatment utilizes suction on the skin to detoxify and clear areas of congested blood from injury, increase range of motion in the joints and is also used to clear pathogens from the body as in a cold, acute and chronic cough, and in the beginning stages of a viral condition. Cup marks can naturally occur post-treatment and are considered a good sign and resolve within a week.

Moxibustion Treatment – (30 minutes) $60
This relaxing warming treatment uses mugwort herb to warm and stimulate the function of the body’s immune system, organ function, musculoskeletal function, rehabilitation, and overall qi/vitality of the body. This treatment stimulates the body to increase the immune system of the body, reduce pain, strengthen overall vitality, organ and circulatory function.

Ear Acupuncture (Auriculotherapy) (30 minutes) $60
A quick way to rest and rejuvenate your mind & body. The patient is clothed during the treatment and the ear is treated. This is a terrific treatment for stress, weight loss, stop smoking, and many more conditions. This is an efficient lunchtime reset session for the busy individual. This session is available only to established patients.

Needle-Free Acupuncture Treatment (initial visit) $150 (return visit) $100
This treatment utilizes acupressure techniques (Shaku Ju, massage, red laser, cupping, moxibustion, gua sha) to balance the body’s meridian function as traditional acupuncture does. Your initial visit will include a thorough medical intake and a full treatment session. Chinese Herbal Medicine and dietary suggestions will be prescribed as needed.

Pediatric Shoni Shin Treatment(30 minutes) $60
This 30-minute treatment is for children from birth to age 12. Shoni shin utilizes non-needle techniques to treat with tools using tapping and gentle scraping with specialized tools. The first visit includes a thorough medical intake and treatment. Dietary suggestions and herbal prescriptions are not included in the cost of each visit.


Herbal Medicine Consult (initial visit) $100 (return visit) $60
Your initial visit will include a thorough medical intake and a specially formulated prescription. The cost of the herbal medicine is not included in the consult price. A usual series of treatments are for 3 months or until a condition clears up. Long-term problems can be ongoing.

Castor Oil Heat Treatment (add-on service only) (30 minutes) $60
Warm castor oil is applied to a specific region, covered, and treated with heat while you rest for 20 minutes. Deeply relaxing and fortifying. This treatment will penetrate organs and scar tissue to promote healing from within. You can combine this unique treatment with your acupuncture, massage, or craniosacral session for added benefit.

Flower Essence Therapy (add-on service only) (30 minutes) $75
This consult will take 30 minutes as we assess the best essences to address your condition. A specialized tincture will be created for you to be taken regularly to shift psycho-emotional symptoms. A follow-up visit is suggested to assess changes/ improvements. As conditions change new symptoms will arise and a new tincture can be created.

Aromatherapy (add-on service only) (request at your treatment) $25
We love essential oils and want to share their amazing benefits with you! Our experience with these medicinal oils started in 1992. We have been learning and using them ever since. You can experience the power of essential oils in your session and also purchase them after your session.


Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment $225
Cosmetic acupuncture is used to reduce under-eye circles and crow’s feet, lifts jowls, eyes, and frown lines, reduce the appearance of rosacea, acne and dermatological conditions, and much more. Treatments are done in series of 10-12 weekly or biweekly sessions and include a thorough medical intake at the initial visit with treatments given at each session to address your condition. Chinese Herbal Medicine and dietary suggestions will be prescribed as needed. Please allow 90 minutes.

Microneedling Facial Rejuvenation Treatment — Initial Visit Series (4 sessions) $1,000
This cosmetic treatment stimulates collagen production, softens scars, treats acne, smooths wrinkles and fine lines. In order to gain optimal results, this treatment is done in series of four 45 minute sessions (one session a month for 4 months).

Microneedling Facial Rejuvenation Treatment — Post-Series (45 minutes) $350
This session is a follow-up to the initial series of cosmetic treatments. This treatment acts as a booster to continue to stimulate collagen production, soften scars, treats acne, smooth wrinkles, and fine lines.

Cupping + Gua Sha Facial Rejuvenation Treatment (30 minutes) $75
This 30-minute relaxing facial massage starts with an application of high-quality botanical oil with gentle cupping to stimulate circulation and nourish the skin. Cupping therapy is followed with a Gua Sha treatment which further boosts anti-aging, corrects skin conditions, and aids in relaxation.

Biolight and Biomat Infrared Treatment (30 minutes) $45
In this treatment, we utilize the healing properties of Near Infrared technology to improve circulation, stimulate detoxification and revitalize the body. Red, blue, or yellow LED light therapy is beneficial in reducing wrinkles, boosting collagen and fibrin, stimulating function of the immune system, clearing acne and other skin conditions, and much more.


Hypnotherapy Session – (90 minutes) $150
Hypnotherapy helps the client to utilize the subconscious mind to address fears, addictions, optimize better health and wellbeing, athletic and academic performance, pain control and let go of stuck patterns in their life to achieve greater happiness and wholeness. Each session leaves you with a recording of your session to solidify the healing received in the session.


Massage Therapy – (30 minutes) $60, (60 minutes) $100, (90 minutes) $150
Massage is very effective for stress, pain and rehabilitation for injury and in prevention of injury. Your practitioner may use Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Tui’na massage or Hydrotherapy to enhance effectiveness of your treatment.

Raindrop Therapy Aromatherapy Massage – (90 minutes) $175
This luxurious massage utilizes the highest quality essential oils from Young Living placed upon the body in specific patterns to stimulate relaxation, detoxification, boost the immune system of the body, and improve circulation. This treatment revitalizes the spirit and balances out the spine and nervous system of the body. This full-body massage is deeply relaxing.

Pregnancy Massage – (60 minutes) $100, (90 minutes) $150
Pregnancy massage is very effective for addressing and nurturing the evolving needs of the mother-to-be. The practitioner will utilize our specialty body cushion to adjust to the growing body for the utmost relaxation. Your practitioner may use Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Tui’na massage, or Hydrotherapy to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment.

Craniosacral Treatment (30 minutes) $60, (60 minutes) $100
This extremely relaxing and beneficial treatment can be combined with Western and Eastern medicine and other therapies. The therapy utilizes gently holding techniques to unwind stress, trauma and patterns of musculoskeletal dysfunction. Sessions are done clothed. A series of three treatments are suggested.

Reiki Treatment – (60 minutes) $100
Reiki is a subtle but profound hands-on healing method where the practitioner’s hands are placed in different patterns on the body to transmit healing energy to the client’s body, mind, and spirit. This stimulates the body’s natural healing towards its natural balance. This technique is deeply relaxing and healing for the body and mind. A series of three treatments is considered beneficial to address some issues.

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