April Wellness – Welcome Spring

April Wellness-Welcome Spring!
This month brings us more opportunities to concentrate on our health and wellness!
Our center is currently closed for in house services till April 30.
Treatments performed at this time will be on a case to case basis. 
In the meantime you can take advantage of our
Reiki Distance Healing Sessions 
Cupping & Moxa Therapy Tutorials
Herbal Medicine Consultation Service & Herbal Drop Box 
Schedule your session by calling to set it up.
We are available during normal business hours.
Things we can treat with herbs are: Colds, Flu prevention and treatment, immune boosting prevention & early-mid stage heat toxin symptoms, start pre-treating for allergy season, headache/migraine, musculoskeletal pain & injury, depression, anxiety & stress, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, women’s health, fertility, etc.  Herbs to address symptoms of onset of cold, fever, achiness, phlegm, lung conditions and prevention are available(Pick up at our secure drop box outside the office at request.)
Order ahead online!https://acupuntureheal.godaddysites.com
Jade Windscreen
 (boost immunity of lungs and digestion)
Zhong Gan Ling (Clear toxic heat from the disease and lungs)
Immunoberry Liquid (boost immunity with elderberry, astragalus , Mitake, shiitake mushroom)

Essential Oils: 
 Available on online store https://acupuntureheal.godaddysites.com

On Guard / DoTerra (for immunity apply to bottoms of feet and diffuse in air)
Breathe / DoTerra (for immunity, lungs and breathing, apply or diffuse)
RC / Young Living (for lungs, and asthma, apply or diffuse)
Daily Immune Boosting & Prevention Self TreatmentWe highly recommend you keep yourself heathy during this time. We are giving you the at home moxibustion treatment ( herbal warming therapy) instructions below.  Moxa has been used for ages to boost the body optimal functions of the organs, immune system, muscles, and is great for post pardon healing and menstrual cramps as well! You can purchase moxa from us or online. 1 box of 100 is $35.
Acupoint Moxa Self Treatment:
These points are recommended :
ST36, SP6, KI3, CV4, CV6, CV12 are especially important points to increase immune strength against corona virus or influenza virus.
You can choose 3 points each day and do it. 10 minutes per point. 

 Available on online store https://acupuntureheal.godaddysites.com
We have stick-on Moxa herb for sale to treat yourself and boost immunity. Inquire if interested.To learn more about moxabustion, essential oils, cupping treatments and stress relieving techniques, like our page on Facebook & Instagram for daily tips!
Wishing you health and positivity throughout the month!Marie Healy, L.Ac.

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